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lol @ work.
lol @ nobody testing the master build till 17:55 on milestone submission day
lol @ nobody testing a non-fastrack (skip past logos to main menu) build till 17:55
lol @ staying till 19:45 because the master ROM build crashes when the release build works fine
lol @ 32-byte char arrays
lol @ copying a filename into that 32-byte char array using sprintf()

This is why I dislike C++ coders who come from a C background. lol :(

In other news:
Underground efforts to rescue six trapped Utah miners were halted indefinitely Friday after a collapsing tunnel wall killed three rescuers, including a federal mine safety officer. "We went from a tragedy to a catastrophe," Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. said.
I know I shouldn't laugh, but the irony is overwhelming.
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