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Can't even google it

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Okay, I appreciate I'll probably rub some people up the wrong way with this. It's 2.21am and I've been out in a latin bar in Fulham - The Mohito's were good, but the vanilla special wasn't, well, special.

Moderators of GDNet have to spent our free time filtering out the crap on these forums. Comes with the job and I accept that - filtering out mindless spam and so on. What I get a bit stressed about is repeated laziness.

I'm at the point where I'll happily slap down anyone in the DX forum if they show no attempt at solving their own problem. The absolute worst is if you copy-n-paste the forum post into live/google and find it appears on 5 other message boards [rolleyes].

I don't think I can even brand this activity as stupid - Quite the contrary, I think these people are probably quite smart. They've realised they can spam their problem across 10..100 forums and by statistics alone they'll get a reply sooner or later.

  • "D3DERR_INVALIDCALL" is a damned good example of a lazy programmer.
  • Direct X Build Problem is another goodun. Lots of resources online if they'd only chosen to search for a few minutes.
  • Color Problems an almost perfect case of a copy-n-paste n00b.
  • Why wont this render!?!?!? Good descriptive subject line and something that ultimately revealed to be poor debugging skills. Good luck in the real world.
  • general bad etiquette combined with an obvious lack of search engines. I can find answers to that error message inside of a minute, even a n00b could to it in 14 minutes and 14 seconds the n00b had to wait for an answer [rolleyes].

  • Yes, I'm getting stoppy. Imagine me sitting here stamping my feet.
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oh, I know the feeling all too well.. some days I'll open a thread, read the question and just close the browser and shake my head.

The internet is a fantasic thing, it has all the answers, yet at the same time it seems to be the worse thing as it's breeding a form of lazyness when it comes to problem solving, namely people are no longer solving their problems. Instead they hit a wall and go crying to someone for help. Its insane given that 'problem solving' is the basis of programming...

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I approve of this post. Sometimes it really bothers me that people show the complete lack of initiative by not even googling/MSDNing obvious error messages and the like, because they expect other people to do the leg work for them [flaming]. Honestly, if you aren't willing to put in the time to research and debugging, why even bother in the first place?

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Hear, hear, good sir!

Hanging out on #graphicsdev on IRC means encountering a lot of this. It's amazing how angry people get when you tell them to ask better questions (in the case of "Why is D3D acting so lame? All I want is to..."), or do a quick websearch.

Sometimes, people respond with "I get answers faster when I ask instead of trying to search the web" which means that they're either really bad at searching the web, or they ask The Flash their questions.

I try to explain that, when you ask google, you're not wasting other humans' time, but frequently they don't care, and usually get annoyed at how "you elitist people act like dicks and act like they know everything and never answer anything."

I find it hard to continue trying to help people when people continue to do the following:

A. ask questions to which the answer is the first hit on google
B. argue against the correct answer
C. hurl insults
D. Continually ask the same thing over and over again (the same person asking - different people asking the same question doesn't bother me at all)

It's maddening. MADDENING!



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This journal entry is relevant ot my interests. I was actually going to make a journal entry about things that annoy me on GDNet recently.

Sometime I get fed up being helpful and just start to half take the piss. Here's an example of that, although I started being helpful again towards the end...

I completely agree that people need to learn to help themselfs, it particularly annoys me when we tell someone to use the debug runtimes, they install them and get a proper error description, and then continue to ask "But what does this mean!?" THE ANSWER IS RIGHT THERE.
People also seem to be incapable of modifying existing code to find the source of their problem.

I need to start making up a document full of "stock answers". I have 3 memorised as it is - DirectInput related (Solution: Don't use DirectInput for keyboard or mouse input), debug runtimes related (How to install them and get debug output) and "nothing renders" (List of about 10 things to try).

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ooh, seems like I'm not the only one thinking this. I was expecting to check back and find a torrent of flames about how nasty I am and have a good dent in my rating [lol]

I need to start making up a document full of "stock answers".
I really should get around to finishing off my updated FAQ... but if you fancy sticking a "FAQ" label on your document then that'd be convenient [wink]


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Noobs are noobs, and there's always going to be noobs. Somebody needs to invent a Noob Motel. Noobs check in, but they don't check out.

On the other hand, arrogance can be just as bad sometimes. I usually have to be careful that my annoyance doesn't make me step over the line and call someone a flippin' retard.

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Original post by Evil Steve
Sometime I get fed up being helpful and just start to half take the piss. Here's an example of that, although I started being helpful again towards the end...

I loved the way you quoted yourself. Very classy, IMO. :)

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