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Um, Eh!?

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Well I got back a couple of days ago and found that the old bank had sent me a
new debit card which I found odd becuse the week before they had sent me a debit card. To make sure they weren't going to send me another debit card the following week I decided to make a trip into town and find out execatly what was going on. As it turns out they are complety getting rid of electron cards ,which is what my orignal card was, which explains why I got the first card. I was also put through an automatic account upgrade (:/) which is why they sent me the second one. I guess thats the trouble with complety automatited systems.

Anyway, on a dev side I did get input done using the OIS library (albit a slighty modifiyed verision). That means that the engine was complety working on a mac all that was left to do was timers - I got board tho so I figgure one day I own a mac of my own and do it then. Until then I may try to get it working on linux as I just installed suse 10.2 (maily to show my dad how to get the wireless card working (which he still can't - even though they are the same card)).

During my stay in licester I found TV again (I don't watch it much at home) and discorved that ITV3 are re-running due south. If you havn't whatched due south yet then I belive you should, it is truly awsome.

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