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First Entry

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Hello everyone,

This is the first entry! I am going to use this journal to document and share my experiences with Operating Systems (OS) and Game Development, and to share status updates, current problems, or just anything, really[smile]

My current projects are my OS Development Series, which can be accessed from my website, and EvolutionEngine, my ever expanding 2d/3d hybrid game engine in development.

Right now, we are currently working on the upcomming test demo for EvolutionEngine. We are unable to post any screenshots yet, though. I plan to when the upcomming demo test is complete, don't worry[smile]

Other then that, I been playing ff8 again. I personally like alot of the old school ff games, then the newer ones. More specifically ff6,ff7,ff8,ff9. Okay, it's not quite "Old school", but still[grin]

I guess thats all for now.
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