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What a week ...

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I'm not usually one to moan, but this past week has just been really tough going. I dont like to talk much about work related things here because I wouldn't want to get us into trouble. To be honest I'm sure my peers also have a tough time but they dont moan so I should probably just shut up and get on with the work!

So, moving swiftly on to another - more interesting - topic, it's not much more interesting but it's still an essential step forwards. I've worked with a completely undocumented game engine before, and it's really not too tough when you've got the source code there in front of you, but sometimes even when it's right there you end up making annoying mistakes just because you might make an assumption and you only end up tracing into the source when something breaks.

Because of this I've configured auto documentation generation for IS3 using the very agreeable doxygen and a few simple macros. I've also configured my tools to generate CHM format docs just because I personally find it very quick and easy to reference CHM - plus I can review it on my phone which makes it particularly useful because I can pick up or leave off whenever I have a spare few minutes or I'm sitting idle. Printable docs would also be useful I feel for those who are so inclined to waste all that paper :-) I'm also seriously considering Help 2.0 compatible docs for Visual Studio integration. You just can't generate too many help formats! Different developers work in different ways and it's just generally a good idea to try and keep them all happy where possible.

Not much else in the way of news. This week I'm going to start work on implementing virtualised textures - not a million miles away from some of the more inspiring technology in the idTech5 engine.
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