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Roadster - Work in progress #1

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Here is the latest image of car #2, the modern roadster.

The car is still not finished...the interior is temporary, there will be side exhausts, and roll hoops behind the seats.

I love the detail on the wheel rims also the detail on the rear tail lights.

I see this car in-game with a 2-tone paint shader...I can't wait to get delivery of this one. I'll post more works in progress as they come in.

Sorry about the slightly blurry .jpg, that's how my artist sent it to me, it's kind of a tease I suppose heh.

I'm also working on all kinds of things engine wise...hope to have some in-game screens soon. I have the character models setup for full facial animation HL2 style...also the first run and idle animations for the Russian. After a little bit of pain I have everything exported into a .x file my game can load, and things are looking real good. Expect some in-game screens soon.

I've been playing with FX Composer 2 as well...it seems that it'll load up these new .x files just fine, which is great. It's a huge improvement over FX Composer 1 in so many ways, I could go on for paragraphs about the many ways it is superior, but I'm sure there's an article about that somewhere lol.

Also here's my latest photoshopped avatar...yea my face just got back from vacation in the bahamas. This is what happens when I fracture my toe and can't hit the club....I photoshop myself in exotic locations.

*sigh* I'm such a nerd.

I'm gonna stick with the whole seasonal avatar thing, ya know...put a Santa hat on in December, maybe an easter basket in the mouth.

- Danny
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Recommended Comments

Man this game is going to be amazing!!!!!! great job!

and also, maybe for easter you can put an easter egg in the hair :D

which reminds me, is this game going to have any easter eggs:P

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LOL! Kick ass avatar. Looks like progress is moving exceptionally well for the game. Do you have any sort of time frame for your launch window yet?

Keep up the great work.

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lol, yea totally cheesin in the avatar

Yea I'll have some secret easter eggs in the game as well :-) Though probably only in offline mode.

Right now we're looking [and have been for many months] at a Q1 2008 release, so I'm working hard towards that. Getting all this stuff redone has put things back about a month, but it really had to be done. The worst thing would be to release the game to early...or to release it below my standards, ya know?

- Danny

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Anybody who follows the gaming industry definitely knows what releasing a game early, or not to the expected standard, can do to a game development house. I'm all to familiar with it because a company that I really wanted to work for pushed its release too early and sank because of it. What looked to be something outstanding, turned into garbage in the publics eye (granted, I still loved it). Wise man. Definitely take your time, polish it, and release it. While all things must come to an end due to the budget and satisfying your publisher, I see your improvements to be something that will easily upgrade the wow factor. And well, that is always a +.

Keep it up!

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