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Graphics Renderer woes

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Currently I am toes deep into my 3rd year project/game/game engine. This is my attempt to mull together what i know and learn what i dont. But the first and formost I am hit with the dreaded graphics engine.

The dilemma is that for my finale year project at uni the stipulation is you have to build your own renderer. I dont like graphics, i've never played a game for graphics i comprehend the basic and thus what to build a game engine with a simple renderer. So i have been trying to learn opengl after a years worth of unversity being taught directx. I am also trying to develope genericlly so i can port my work to the mac os x once i get a new one having sold my bottom of the line underpowered ibook.

Not being a fan or impressed by graphics in game i plan to make a cel shaded renderer simply because at the heart... or rather at the sight its basic and your gameplay has to shine through other wise you just have months and months of work on a gimmick.

I hopefully building a very object oriented project right now I only have the renderer which only creates a window. It tends to complain when i exit out and try to return to my native resolution. I dont know if I should be concerned about that at this stage seeing as i dont even have a cube to the screen.

In making the renderer of my game engine I mulling over the archetiture and things I can cut or dont need but a simple renderer. In my head I just want a camera and models loaded. Questions like is there a point to creating a primitive draw class to dynamically draw 3d shapes? Should i load more than one kind of image file or model file etc. Basically how much is need for the bare minimum for a renderer but not to minimum that i hurt myself.
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