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Hello everyone!

OS Development Series update

I have gotten several responses regarding using PARTCOPY within the OS Development Series. More specifically, PARTCOPY does seem to have some problems copying the bootloader over to the bootsector of a computer with 2 or more floppy drives (With at east 1 real.) I plan on updating the series (Both Tutorial 1 and the first bootloader tutorial) with alternative methods that should work.

Walking in memory lane

In a response to a recent thread, I wanted to try going back to Mode 13h for the fun of it (And, just for memories!). I actually started the project for fun using low level C[smile]

It has exactally (Believe it or not!) 256 lines of code. It contains some basic graphic routines, VGA font routines, and basic sprite management. Nothing much, yet.

Because it is a fullscreen real mode DOS program, I cannot use PrtScr to post a screenshot[sad] If anyone has any suggestions here (How should I create a screenshot?), feel free to let me know[smile]
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Get the pixel data and write out a BMP file. The format's pretty simple and is very well documented. And there's plenty of software that'll convert it to something friendlier for web-display.

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That will work (and would not be that hard), I was just looking for another easier method though. i.e., one that I dont need to access the hardware palette via VGA controllers.

Then again, writing palette routines gives me a reason to add palette cycling to make things more interesting[wink]

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