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GTL 2.2

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After much procrasination I've finally got around to merging a dev. branch back in to the main trunk and creating a release; GTL has made it to version 2.2.

Most of the work has been done by someone else who has been helpping me on the project; he has submitted a bunch of bug fixes and patches, cleaned up some code and generally improved the place. So, I thought I'd mention Markus Henschel here, as he has been a big help.

For my own part I've rewritten the PNG loader setup a bit so that it can deal with 16bit per channel images as well as grey scale and grey scale with alpha.

The release is up and the web site's docs have been updated to relect the changes.

I would have done it sooner however on thursday my email server decided to fall off the internet and it wasn't until this afternoon that I figured it wasn't going to fix itself and I moved my email hosting somewhere else; well effectively it's just a forward to my gmail account, which over all is a better solution. I've also moved my website across to the new host and updated the DNS so it all now points there.

DNS updates appear to have got faster, within 10mins of my changing the DNS records my ISP had picked up the changes and was pointing me at the new location. Within an hour email which had been bouncing about the net for a few days was appearing... 72 hours to update? yeah right...

This week my plans consist of the following;
- getting drunk, dancing like a crazy person and failing to get anywhere with women (typical monday night, heh)
- 15h of work as I'm doing an extra day (I need the cash to pay for the repairs to my bicycle [sad])
- Finding some time to get GTL3.0 plans on paper at the very least. I've a feature set knocking about in my brain but I really need to get it down and start planning things out.

Right, 6:30am... time to sleep.
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