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Playpile Game Search Engine

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Playpile Game Search Engine Logo

I would like to take some time to talk about the game search engine that I have been developing. The name of the game search engine is Playpile. The reason why I developed Playpile is to provide a tool that allows people to easily search for fun and interesting games to play on the Internet. One of the guidelines that I developed on is that every link should either contain a game that can be played or a game that can be downloaded and played.

Currently, there are only a hundred or so games referenced by the website, but I hope to increase that number as people begin to submit links to games. The service is free, and it doesn't require any kind of account to use.

One of my greatest emphasis on creating the site was to provide a simple interface that is easy to navigate. I felt it was best to provide an interface similar to other search engines on the web. This way, when people go to the website, they will instantly know how to use it.

Currently, I am working on some backend tools that are necessary to manage submissions on the website. They will be some nice AJAX-based tools. I will need to make it easy to administer so I can recruit some administrators for the site later if the thing ever takes off.

If anyone has any links to games they would like to submit, then feel free to do so.

Link: Playpile Game Search Engine


Playpile Screenshot

Playpile Screenshot
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You should explicitely set your page backgrounds to white, on my system Firefox is the only browser to display them with white like in your screenshots as it is.

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Well, I set a default for the background to be white. I was trying to mess with the input fields too, but there seems to be a great deal of inconsistency in how those are handled. After sampling some larger websites, I've noticed that they do not mess with them either.

Thanks for the heads up on that. If you find anything else wrong with the site, then feel free to let me know.

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