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It's a kind of magic!

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If I want to get back some of the magic videogames had for me when I was a boy, I visit the german site kultpower. There I can read the same game reviews I read many years ago in magazines. Another favourite is the video of an 80's trade show at Llamasoft. Looking in the eyes of the boys reminds me of my own feelings when I was playing videogames back in the 80's. All this gives me the feeling of doing something magic and motivates me to continue with my project.

Jeff Minter is a great inspiration to me. Some things they say about Space Giraffe are in my opinion also true for Blumenmacht: "Space Giraffe is different. Very different and we should expect that to scare and baffle people that are unwilling to invest the time in discovering its beauty." Or: "Space Giraffe is different again, it purposefully overwhelms you. It is a new type of game and it will scare people. The bad players will die and run away crying, assaulting the game that hurt them so."
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Haven't read your journal for a while so just wanted to refer to the last couple of entries and say congrats on the exposure you're getting. A game as delightfully mental as yours deserves it [smile].

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