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playing with ePSXe

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checking out all of my ps1 games in ePSXe.

ff-tactics: i mentioned this game in my last post, forgot to mention that on the "stage select" screen the background is messed up and you don't get to look at it. but who cares, you can see everything else, and the rest works pretty nice. still looking for a way to speed it up, can't seem to find a setting that give anything decent.

dqvii: started a new game and i struggled through the opening movie. whatever's causing the pauses is making the movie sequence slow down to a crawl. doesn't matter what the vid settings are on either. i didn't have the patience to sit through that to get a savepoint. maybe another time.

cv-sotn: i didn't have any problem with pausing like i had with ff-tactics. in fact, the game might have been rendered unplayable if that had been an issue, so thankfully its not. the game works without any hitches as far as i played; i got through several voice-acting sections and saved at the first savepoint.

gt1: opening movie sucked out, but you can bypass it with start. for some reason the game wouldn't play right until i picked the 'nice' setting of "pete's psx d3d (dx7) renderer". the sound was all retarded. musta been sync problems. i probably won't be playing alot of this one though. nothing beats destruction derby 1.

ff7: where's my disc1?!?!?!? [bawling]

ff9: opening movie seems to be working fine. maybe i had the settings up too high. i wish i could skip it [razz] the battle-transition effect is all messed up. slows wayyy down. i might have to turn off special effects like that for this game, put the vija settings to 'fast'. didn't make it to the first save, so i used a savestate.

thats all the games i have for the psx. not saying its all i'm ever going to have, i still gotta grab sf alpha3, destruction derby, and some others i can't think of right now. woohoo, i can screengrab from psx now!
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