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Building a DX10 Computer part 3

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Jan 23, 2007

After spending a couple days installing Windows Vista and all the software I need for work (and a few I don't), the new system is stable and very sweet. I now have it set up to my dual monitors and can ALMOST put the old machine away.

Vista is still lacking print drivers for my printer and I'm sure there will be a few things I forgot to move over.

As for speed, 3DMark 06 gets around 8400 with the CPU overclocked to 2.6 ghz. The Windows Experience Index is 5.5, which is good considering the Vista documentation states that at the time of Vista's release, 5 was the fastest computer available (and Vista isn't officially out yet).

1. The final setup

2. Nice looking machine

3. Still tweaking the parts

4. Nvidia's 8800 Demo

5. Vista Desktop running DX10 apps
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