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Ageia PhysX

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Jan 30, 2007

I resumed work on the Ageia PhysX support today. So far I've added the ability to save and load cooked meshes for faster preprocessing. Going to start working on character controller classes now. Right now I have #ifdefs depending on if the engine is compiled for PhysX or Newton. I am going to remove Newton completely and add in things from PhysX that Newton doesn't have. This means the physics classes will be slightly different than PR 6. Don't see a point of keeping the API the same to support an inferior physics library. PhysX has a good character controller and I want to integrate it tightly with the engine. Once I have the character controller in I'll add flags to scene graph nodes which tell if an object should be part of the static level geometry. A physics control panel will be added to cook the meshes, pause the simulation, and load and save states.

I've ordered a BFG Ageia card so I can make sure the hardware support is working well, and add advanced things like cloth simulation.

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