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Building a DX10 Computer Part 4

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Feb 3, 2007

A few more pieces of hardware arrived today: A 20 inch Sceptre LCD, 2 80mm fans for the front of the case, and a BFG physics card for Ageia's PhysX. I am also putting in an old 160 gig IDE hard drive from my previous computer which I am no longer using. I also found a temperature probe off an old heatsink that I hadn't used before. The one that came with my case was broken.

The fans go in first. These are very quiet at only 14db. They provide a little airflow to the hard drives. I had a bit of trouble fitting them into the front since once I attached the circular UV cold cathode to one, I couldn't fit them behind the hard drive cage. Took a couple tries before I managed to arrange them properly.

Now I'm wishing I bought a larger case. With 2 hard drives, the 8800's power connector gets in the way. I had to take both drives out and change their position in the cage to leave room for the video card. The double size of the 8800 means the PCI slot directly underneath is is useless, so I stuck the external connector from the Audigy in that slot instead. It's only half a card in length so the fan on the 8800 is clear. The BFG physics card is in the bottom PCI slot, but there are USB and IDE cables down there that could get into the fan. I taped the IDE cable to the case to hold it down and out of the way. There is no way I could fit any more in this case. I can't even reach in to the motherboard unless I take the cards out now.

The Sceptre monitor is quite nice, considering it was $210 CDN ($50 rebate) from TigerDirect. It's bigger and brighter (1000:1) than my previous LCD. The old one looks blurry and faded compared to this. Thinking of getting another one so I have an even setup.

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