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Movies of PR7

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August 6, 2007

Here are a few movies of PR7 in action. Keep in mind these are technical demonstrations and I have not spent any time creating nice assets. Note that the movie capture slows down the program and makes the physics seem like there is lower gravity than normal.

These movies were taken from inside the PR7 Editor, but only the 3D output was captured and you can't see the editor's user interface in them.

This is a simple scene with a building mesh used as a backdrop for the physics engine. The TrueLight renderer is used with 3 lights and the characters are using convex hull for collision. Forces are applied to the characters using the mouse. After a while the scene is reset and then the lights are moved around.

This is an indoor scene using the TrueLight renderer. Per pixel bump mapping is used along with a few lights that are turned on and manipulated. We use cows for testing because it's a complex shape that could represent any character in a game. Several cows are dropped into the scene and moved around. The play button is then pressed which activates the AI scripts. A simple script that rotates the node plays for all instances of the cow, and then the camera is moved around.

This is an outdoor terrain scene with water and the HDR renderer. The water properties are being manipulated.

This is a PPU cloth simulation running using the TrueLight Renderer. The cloth is dropped onto a cow test model and then manipulated with the mouse.

This is a PPU inflatable tube simulation running using the TrueLight Renderer. Here a torus filled with air is manipulated with the mouse and interacts with a simple indoor scene.
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