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Skin/Character shader work in progress.

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Characters are rigged for full facial animation. There are 36 more of them, spread across 9 gang types + cops / SWAT / civilians.
They should all be done in the coming months.

I'm also getting MANY animations done, and many variations of each animation [ie: 5 running animations, etc].

Anyways, this shader is 60 instructions, Pixel shader 2.0 tops out @ 64 sooo for animation, shadows, etc.
I need to bump my game up to support Pixel Shader 3.0 [basically ditch my ancient version of the SDK for the newest].

This shader is a modified version of Joel styles' excellent skin shader.

The game will require Pixel Shader 2.0 [any game you buy today requires the same thing by Q1 2008 it should be no problem].

I'm also working on adding Xbox360 controller support, I think it'd be great to have a pressure sensitive mechanism for controlling the vehicles, etc.

More info & pics later, should be in-game / animated in-game in the next day or two. That means video time ;-)

- Danny

P.S. sorry about the one sentence-on-a-line style, my margins are so fux0red 2k^2 images, un-thumbnailed. Meh.

Here is an image of one the first Italian gangster, I'm probably going to have to supply custom shader values per-model.

There doesn't seem to be one set of shader parms which works for all models/skin types.

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I hope you've got a good shader LOD system going 'cause you'll need it for the strategy POV. Can't wait for the videos to see those bastards in motion.

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Yea I've gotta have like 3-4 character LODs...that should be enough.

The character in these screenshots is 4000 triangles.

They'll have to be in-game before I can do stress tests, etc. It's taking me 7 hours to download the latest DXSDK...ugh, I could finish the work by then. Though I can use the Dec. '06 SDK then just drop the newest one in, though I'm not sure how much will be different.

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I'm not that worried about the polycount but rather about the shader complexity. That's why I mentioned a shader LOD system. There is no need to render a complex SSS skin shader for a character far away from the POV etc.

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Right well far away characters won't have many pixels to rasterize, the only time I can see it being pixel shader limited would be if there were like 50 guys all close together and close to the camera [which is possible I suppose]...I can see churning out 50 12000 vert characters easily limiting the scene by vertex throughput [I've gotta process all the verts regardless of distance, which is why I'd imagine the scenes would be vertex limited far before pixel limited].

I dunno we'll see, I will also do a shader LOD system though, it's pretty easy to just render flat shaded characters @ a certain distance and scale up the effects, right now I'm just focusing on trying to acheive the best quality possible.

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