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Stephen R


Today I got the sound code for the demo finished, completely. It was amazingly simple to use. I would strongly recommend FMOD for anyone who can live with its license. I also got the basic renderer initialization code up and running. I set up the progress bar at the biginning of the demo using basic ColorFill calls. Its not much but its a start. Tomorrow I am going to get the scene interface up and running and get the some basic functionallity into the scripting code.

On a non-coding note I've had an interesting week. I was invited to be the rhythm guitarist for a friend's metal band. This isn't a horrible noise-fest of a band - the songs are well crafted beasts and are skillfully made. I've been playing guitar for years but have never really played in a band before - should be fun. I was also told that in less than year I would be made lead guitar because the current lead (who really rocks) is moving away. I'm going to have to practice hard and long to get up to his standard.
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