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I've read 5 books over the past few days and the only thing I've learned is bit-fields lol.

So, a new plan has been formulated. I'm going to build a very simple game interface through which I can make small games with; like I did with the quickie series. I work today (Tuesday), then I have two days off, so I plan on having said interface finished before Thursday night (working Friday morning, so I have to be in bed before midnight.)

I'll follow suit with the last quickie series and go with Chompy: 2D, Blocks Gone Wild: Spring Break, and then Spelunker.

Before I start on the interface though, I need to finish the original Spelunker. So, I'm going to start on that tomorrow night, after work.

Bed time now. 9.5 hours before I have to work lol.
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Original post by ildave1
Are you positive you learned bit-fields?

That's what the book called them anyway. Something like so:

struct StatusType
unsigned BitOne : 1;
unsigned BitTwo : 1;
unsigned BitThree : 1;
unsigned BitFour : 1;
unsigned BitFive : 1;
unsigned BitSix : 1;
unsigned BitSeven : 1;
unsigned BitEight : 1;

StatusType Temp;
Temp.BitTwo = 1;

// or

struct StatusType
unsigned BitOneTwoThree : 3;
unsigned BitFour : 1;
unsigned BitFive : 1;
unsigned BitSixSeven : 2;
unsigned BitEight : 1;

StatusType Temp;
Temp.BitOneTwoThree = 1;
Temp.BitFive = 0;

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