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Curse of the programmer?

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So I'm routinely getting my arse kicked at Scrabulous on Facebook. Nothing special to this variant of Scrabble, just that I'm not very good at these things [lol]

I found a download of all 178691 words in the TWL dictionary. Nice big 460kb text file.

Given that I'm supposed to be studying for my MCTS in .NET application development, I got thinking that it'd be a neat exercise in using the .NET platform - write a pattern matching tool to derive possible moves in Scrabble.

My problem is that this isn't the first time I've done this. I'm crap at Sudoku so I just wrote a solver for it in an afternoon and now theres no challenge in it. Not because I can just run up the app and find the answer, but more that (to me) the bigger challenge is working out the general solution to a problem - knowing that seems to trivialise solving individual puzzles.

Is this the curse of the programmer? Do any of you look at these little puzzles/games and eventually think "I reckon I know how that works / how to solve that." ??
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I'm on the other side of the formula and am wasting my time kicking ass at scrabulous. You need to pick friends who have poor english and crosswording skills if you want to succeed in life :)

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as a veteran n00b, you only pick up easy to solve games
I solved all the complex ones so I only have the easy ones left. Aint my fault.

You need to pick friends who have poor english and crosswording skills
It's just become so clear why all my friends are challenging me to games... [headshake]


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