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ere' we go agan'

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Got the score counter and multiplier working:

Honestly, I got the idea of having a multiplier in this while playing Guitar Hero II. It even works in a similar manner. Each ten ships the player shoots, the multiplier increases by one. If the player dies, the multiplier resets. I'm thinking that the multiplier will also multiply the amount of kills needed to reach the next multiplier.

Now I can start designing the first level. I already have all of the enemies for this level programmed, except ofcourse for the boss. I might release a little demo after finishing the first level.
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Lookin' good! Graphics look awesome. Maybe you should have the multiplier reset after a certain amount of time not getting a kill. Just a suggestion. Looks great so far, keep it up!

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Thanks! I've been working on improving my spriting skills, and I think I'm getting better at it. As for the multiplier, I like that idea, although I might have it constantly degrade by a small amount, and the player has to keep getting hits to keep the multiplier up.

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