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Redesigning website

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I spent the entire day redesigning my website. You can see the work in progress here.

If you have any suggestions let me know while I'm still working on it. :)
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Looks quite good, except for the bigass Power Render 6 and 7 icons. You might wanna give a little description on 'em. I presume there's something that might compel me to buy 6 over 7, but it's not immediately obvious.

The layout and graphics are quite good.

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I know they are big... maybe I will shrink them a bit, but not too much.
When you click on the images it takes you to the main pages where they are described in detail.

You can't buy PR7 yet, so that's a good reason to buy 6 right now lol. Version 7 is based on the PR6 core but has a better scene editor.

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