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Let me tell you, moving a family of three, two dogs, and an apartment full of stuff is not very much fun. It being the hottest week of the year in both Indiana and Missouri certainly didn't help much. It didn't help either that on our initial visit to Springfield that the van that we had borrowed wound up breaking down twice - first due to the belt on the AC compressor melting on the way there and the second time from running over an unavoidable piece of tread on the highway that knocked a bunch of lines loose, which resulted in all of the coolant draining out of the van and us winding up being stranded on the highway.

That's not all! After we got there we got ourselves settled into a motel. We decided that while I headed into the studio my wife would call around to all of the apartment complexes. Guess what? Every single apartment complex she called that said they took dogs, about two dozen of them, was full. Yeah, we just happened to be moving the week before the local college students from the half dozen schools in the area would be starting classes. After I got back to the motel she informed me of the news and so we then picked up a newspaper. We called a couple of places out of it that had duplexes. We went into two of them and drove by two of them. The first we went into was pretty well, crappy. The guy was practically trying to talk us out of renting the place. I think he thought we were simply too high class for the area.

One place we really, really liked. It was at the upper range of what I felt we could afford, but was in a nice location and was spacious as well. We went into the realty office the next day and told them we wanted the place. The woman there asked me when we wanted to move and I said this Saturday. It was Tuesday at the time. She then looked at some scheduling papers and said that it wouldn't work because they didn't have the carpet cleaning guy scheduled to come in until the following Tuesday. She said that they'd need to look their other offerings. I was like, "Look, we like this place and we have to have it this Saturday. I'm starting work on the following Wednesday and we are currently living in Indiana. We NEED to move this weekend." She made a couple of phone calls and scheduled for a different company to come in and clean the carpets in two days. Finally a break!

Anyways, so that is the place we wound up getting. We then had the fun of driving back to Indiana (during which we had our second breakdown), renting a moving truck, loading it up, and then moving all of our stuff from Lafayette, IN, to Springfield, MO, all in 4 days time.

So, here we are now in Springfield, MO. It is kind of an interesting city, because despite having about 300,000 people, which is a reasonably populated city, it is in many ways like a small town. Everything closes at 5, there are no skyscrapers here, and everybody, and I mean everybody here is white. It really wigs me out.
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