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Universidad de Nuevo Mexico

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Prinz Eugn


So, I'm in college now, although I actually start classes tomorrow. I am now worried about taking third-year English, but I also may finagle my way into "World War II," which is an advanced history class.

Moving in went smoothly, I've decided to get to everything early all the time, because if you get someplace 5 minutes early, you save 10 or more by not waiting in line. I do like my room a lot better than mine at Carnegie-Mellon University(for not-long time readers, I attended a pre-college program at CMU last summer), it actually has air conditioning(!) I have all my personal books, but I'm waiting to see if I can get some feminine help to put them all away...

I've been hanging out almost exclusively with girls, which is a nice change of pace from Sir Sapo *cough* Most of them I know already, but there's one I met at one of our activities for about 2 seconds, but long enough to remember a name. I later saw her eating alone and talked to her, then I saw her again and we hung out(with another one of my friends), and I was being one charming bastard -no foolin'. -and that's pretty much the entire story. I got her number, but today she didn't want to do anything(or "wanted to go to bed early"), so I asked about tomorrow(or 'sometime') and got a "yeah, definitely."


She's really hot, though.

Sounds like I'm gonna have a hard time concentrating on Academics...

Anyway, I'm still alive, and I'm still art-ing, albeit slowly. Time for some stress relief head-exploding(suck Deagle, terrorists!)...

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Chicks are cool. Hot chicks are even cooler.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you can totally fail out of first year and still graduate if you put it together afterwards. Have fun, meet new friends and lots of hot chicks. You're only young once. Make sure it's memorable. :)

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Also important to keep in mind that if you totally own your first year, you can slack off for the rest and still graduate.

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