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Artificial what now!?

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I cleaned up the code a bit in the game, and finished adding:

-A bitmap codec so the game can now display and render bitmaps.
-A timer interrupt handler and a game timer
-Jees...I thought there was more to put here. Oh well.

Now I just need a good way to perform player 2 AI, and everything will be good to go[smile] for a level, anyway. I am having some trouble deciding how to go about an AI algorithm though. Any suggestions here are welcome[smile]

What I plan on adding:

-Splash screen; pause state
-Palette animation for some cool effects
-Background images based on level, add more levels
-A "Winner!" screen would be nice...Mabey an animated scene

I am probably overdoing it considering its a simple DOS Pong game, but oh well...
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