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Ahh, school

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Well happy first day of school to Miss Maggie. Even though we had her in a summer day-care that took her out to field trips 1-2 times a week, she's been ready for school to start since early July. This is gonna be her third year at Clariden Montessori, and her first year as a "primary", which is Clariden-speak for "kindergarten".

Yeah, she's been going to school since she was three. She was ready for school, so we found a school that'd take her early. She's absolutely blossomed there. She's already reading about two years ahead of her age-level, so I'm hoping they'll concentrate more on her math skills this year. She absolutely adores math-oriented activities like adding, subtracting, telling time on an analog clock, etc. so I'm hoping they'll tweak her interest this year.

It's always funny to see how mundane stuff will set off the childlike wonderment. We did a short "meet your new classmates" meeting yesterday. She met a couple of new kids, but we spent more time hanging out with a couple of former classmates who got graduated to the first-grade class. While in the classroom, I pointed out a battered old set of encyclopedias in the corner. The kiddos didn't know what an encyclopedia was, so I told 'em that encyclopedias have information about EVERYTHING. Unfortunately for me, that ended up being a challenge for the next 20 minutes, as I looked up a dozen different things for the kids. The whole concept of a set of books containing EVERYTHING was just mind-blowing.

Of course, the whole concept that encyclopedias used to be printed on PAPER is gonna be mind-blowing to kids twenty years from now.

Maggie had her lunch planned out two days in advance. She had a PB&J sandwich, some pretzels, a plum, and some apple juice. This morning she decided that she needed to add a peach and some tortillas just in case she didn't have enough food, but I re-convinced her that the existing lunch plan would be plenty.

Here's a pic of Miss Maggie in her new schoolgirl outfit (dress and shoes courtesy of grandma, ponytail courtesy of mama). . .

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Nice to see my parents aren't the only ones who trod their kids out to take pictures of them on the first day of school.

That said, kids don't know about encyclopedias? I find that kind of amazing.

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Of course, the whole concept that encyclopedias used to be printed on PAPER is gonna be mind-blowing to kids twenty years from now.

So true :P

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