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It's a waiting game

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Well, it seems it is taking Google a century and a half to get around to crawling Playpile. The last time I submitted a site to Google, it only took about a day. This time, it is a week. There is something different about this time though. It seems they scanned a temporary page left by the provider nearly a month ago. Their bot hasn't come back since then, even after I verified my site through the webmaster tools, and I submitted the site. I guess I can only wait though.

In other news, I have decided to spend a week creating a game. This game will be named Quadroids. It will be a multiplayer asteroids game, and it will actually have asteroids in the game! I was initially thinking about making it 4 players, but I might bump that up to 16 players. I would likely call the game Hexroids if I did that.

I don't want people to have to find other people with the game to play it, so I will be making a simple matching service for the game. I have figured out how I can use a simple PHP page to do the matching. I'll probably document the interesting parts of the implementation and cover them in this journal.
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I submitted Glow to PlayPile, but I can't yet find it with search. Probably requires approval.

I tried submitting an image.PNG, but it rejected it because it wasn't in PNG format. Renaming it to image.png worked; this is obviously a bug and you should fix it. [wink]

Also, having multiple genres would be good; Glow kind of fits into RPG, action and roguelike.

Once Glow gets added I'll put the rest of my stuff up there.

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I have fixed the bug with extensions with capital letters being rejected. I suppose I didn't realize at the time that I should be converting to a certain case or doing a case insensitive compare on those. Thanks for pointing that out.

As for submissions not showing up instantly, I have to verify that everything is OK before I add it to the database. I need to moderate submissions to a certain extent to ensure that everything is consistent and nobody is abusing the service.

I was actually going to get fairly detailed with the classification of the games, but I thought about it some more and decided that simple would be best. The genres are intended to represent genres distinguished enough to be considered main genres. Although there are sub-genres and games may include elements from several genres, you can usually say a game is mostly of one genre.

In the description field, I often add extra notes on what sub-genres the game belongs to and mention elements from other genres.

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Thanks for the quick bug fix, rate++.

I've lived up to my end of the bargain and uploaded the rest of my titles.

Having a human re-edit the description is a great idea. I think you really helped out the Glow description. [smile]

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