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Things which make me sad

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This thead, seriously.. the new ALUT functions for loading from a file are so simple it's crazy, they are easier than the old functions look, so the question remains; why the hell do you need a tutorial for it?.

Seriously, if you can't work it out from the VERY clear description in the docs what the new functions do then you should probably give up programming, instead dedicate all your time to remembering to breath.

The other thing which makes me sad is Bioshock.

I installed the PC Demo yesterday and the only reason I didn't go out and pre-order it when I was done was down to my current lack of cash problems.

I'm glad I didn't;

1) Buying via Steam costs MORE than buying a boxed copy in the UK. Sure, it's maybe GBP3 to GBP5 but it's the priniple of the thing; unless Valve are taking the same cut as it costs to box, ship and sell the game in a shop or online store I think we can safely assume the publisher and the share holders are making more cash out of this. Note I didn't say anything about the guys who put in the hardwork to make the game, they probably won't get any more cash out of it.

2) Insane copy protection.
Yep, apprently you can only activate this game twice before it fails and you have to call someone to get it sorted.
No, I'm sorry, that's insane and it's treating your end users like crimnals. They are effectively saying that, because you've installed it more than twice, you might have pirated the game. It would be like a TV refusing to work if you've unplugged it from the mains more than 2 twice incase you've stolen it.

The end result is that pirates, once again, get an easier time of it than legitimate users and more people are driven to pirate games.

3) Oh, and Steam also has that protection in it. Not bad as part of Steam IS copy protection... gg.

Well, all in all, way to fuck up a pretty sweet looking game, buy adding anti-piracy measures the publishers are pretty much ruining the experiance for legit owners, pushing more people towards piracy as they don't want to deal with this BS and costing themselves sales.

Many people say there is no justification for piracy, and I tend to agree; the legality isn't in question nor is the moral stand point, just because you want something and you can't afford it doesn't mean you should steal it.

But then, things like this happen and you start to think where is the legality in what they are doing? How is treating your customers as criminals even remotely moral?

At which point stealing the game starts to become less of a 'no' and more of a 'hmmmm....'; why should the end user treat the company with more respect than they are being treated themselves?

And the people I feel sorry for the most in all of this?
- The guys and girls who sat down and took the time to make what looks like an excellent game, who only want to get it out there for people to enjoy.
- Everyone else who wasn't involved in this choice, who just goes into work day in day out for the cash at either the publisher's or the developer's place. Why? Because when all is said and done, if the company goes south then it'll be these people who get shafted for stupid choices made by the higher ups on some misguided adventure to try and stop piracy.

This kinda of thing doesn't kill piracy guys, it creates it.
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The 360 version of Bioshock was pirated and uploaded to BitTorrent within like two hours of its unfortunate early release. [rolleyes]

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I go to the other extreme - I'm far too lazy to go and download pirate games (even on broadband a DVD-size download takes at least a day) so I just stop buying them full stop.

As I mentioned in my journal, bioshock is the 3rd game I've bought this year.

I refuse to use Steam for the same reason I refuse to use online music stores - I want physical product without some lame faceless corporation telling me what I can and can't do with it.


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Original post by phantom
Yep, apprently you can only activate this game twice before it fails and you have to call someone to get it sorted.

Just wanted to comment about this. Apparently when you buy the game you are granted 2 "install tokens". If you install the game, the setup connects and removes one of them. And when you uninstall it, you get it back. So theoretically you can install/uninstall as much as you want.

But still it's pretty extreme.

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