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Cars-basic shader / no shadows / no bloom

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I've just upgraded from a 2002 version of the DirectX SDK, after fixing 1000s of compile errors and having my animation, sprite, effect, and just about every other system break down...I've sort of pieced things together.

I'm now building against the August 2007 SDK version...which means I can write PS 3.0 shaders finally....so expect some better stuff soon.

I threw the first car Sedan/Taxi/Police into the game with a somewhat basic shader and no shadowing or bloom [they are still kinda fuxeodred] but the car models look great, and I can certainly see the potential once all the other piece are there :-)

Here's about 10 screenshots, enjoy. It will start to look much better in the coming days. Also about 30 more car models will be made.

Also the damaged models shown do not include the crumple/ damage normal map that will be applied as well.

A quick in-game shot with an actor + vehicle...this shows the ratio of texture quality, I think everything matches up, also the detail texturing on the ground. It's all pretty clear. Next step is to finish character animation, and keep everything @ this level of quality for as long as possible.


*Note this car can have unlimited colors.


Sorry no FSAA on this screen.


That is all for now.

- Danny
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So is there one static damage model for each car? Are the damaged parts independant from each other or will the trunk be damaged when I hit a wall with the front? Are there several stages of deformation? How about the windows, will they shatter according to the bullet impacts or is it a generic texture for the whole window?

Looking forward towards what's possible with the new SDK. Kudos to you for finally doing it!

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Yup, it's all seperate, and can be interchanged and all that good stuff. Bumpers can detach, and there will be all kinds of levels of damage.

Since the gun sights are now modeled in 3D, I'm going to upgrade the "right click to aim" functionality to look down the gangster's arm...and I'm going to add as much realism to every aspect of weapon firing. I just got a few hundered bucks worth of high quality sound effects, I just thought of a new/easy way to paint bullet holes/damage on animated vehicles/models as well [I'll explain later], but rest assured I will go all out on the bullet physics/damage. Also I'm going to have some badass firing effects and 3D sound caustics based on the world geometry [ie: echo in a city street, no echo in a field]...it's going to rock.

I'm taking it aaallll to the next level.

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lol, what's a bong!?! That reminds me... ;-)

I have a quick in-game screenshot showing the relation between the characters + vehicles, I added it to the top of the entry. But here it is again...

Again, no shadowing / post-processing goin' on here.

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The "POLICE" on the door of the first police car looks a tad pixelated, but aside from that, all looking sweet as usual.

Whats the framerates like with PS3.0 being used and the new high poly models?

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Actually I think the police logo is tooo high resolution and that's what's causing the warping effects...looking at it in photoshop it's a 2k^2 texture. I did notice that...I assure you it's not low res, I don't know why it looks like that...maybe some kind of filtering or something. Ah...there is another set of very high res lines around the logo, that's what's causing it.

All the shaders are still 2.0, framerates are the same at the moment, once I add animation / shadows I'll have to bump these high-res characters into 3.0 territory [or 2.0 extended I suppose].

The wheels look out of place? Maybe because the lack of shadowing, or is it something else? Need more info.

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