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No Bioshock for me :(

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This is what Bioshock looks like on a 9600 :(

I guess I *really* have to get a 360 now, because I feel if I have to make a significant purchase to play the game, I would rather have a 360 than an 8800.

Sad days...

Also, Betty finally shipped! Yay, happy days!
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The game's box is fairly explicit about requiring Shader Model 3 hardware in order to run. I seriously doubt the R9600 is SM3 (especially since judging from its OpenGL implementation, it's barely SM2). It's pretty impressive it ran at all.

Sorry, but them's the breaks. Bioshock sucks up GPU time like nothing else I've seen, especially in D3D10 mode.

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Yeah, I knew it needed SM 3.0 before I downloaded the demo, but I was hoping that somehow, something *magical* would happen, and it would run on my machine. Such is life, I suppose.

It is pretty impressive that it ran, I was surprised. However, not only was the game messed up as shown, there was no mouse cursor! Try navigating menus without seeing where the hell your mouse is -- *that* is challenging.

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