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Twitter part two

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Okay, here's the first experiment with posting daily scores to Twitter. . .


It was actually fairly easy. My only complaint is that it's about all I can do. I'd like to make the post a bit richer, perhaps with a link or an icon of the game being played. That'd be pretty easy to do, but it appears that Twitter only allows 160 or so characters of plain text and nothing else. The Twitter API docs are currently about useless, so I really don't know what the extent of Twitter Rich Text is, if anything.

So this is probably gonna be the extent of the Twitterization. I'll add a couple of fields to the Account Manager for your Twitter user/pass and I'll add the twitter-post script to the server, and that'll be it.

My only other worry is that the docs state that Twitter-postings are limited to about 70 posts per hour. I'm not sure if that means per-user or per-host. If it's per-user, then it's no problem because I'll post a max of 11 items to your Twitter account per day. If it's per-host, then I'll have a problem as soon as a dozen or so people sign up because the Twitter will stop talking to me after 70 posts and then the rest of the posts will fall into the bit bucket. I'd have to do something like break up the posts hourly, sending 70 twitter-posts every hour until I went through the whole set.

Also, I'd like to put the whole thing into one post, but again you're limited to about 160 characters per post, so I have to break it up into several.

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The 160 char limit on SMS messages really does limit what you can do with it. I'd love to see twitter open up that limit for messages not sent directly from SMS. Would seem to make sense. Outside of doing that Twitter really is just a toy for people who are addicted to texting. I used it for a while but it gets kind of old quick. Especially when you're a non-celeb like myself and you know no one else cares what you're twittering. Seriously who needs to know that I'm currently on the 77 bus on the way to work? :)

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The only comment I'd make is to put the placement at the start of the message e.g. 5th Place on Game X! then the other details such as when you got it. That way I could scan my messages for the best score more easily and a 1st place would stand out more as the first thing you read is "1st Place" in the message.

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