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I've made the final code change to convert the game from a galaga type game to a level-based game. Previously, all of the enemy bullets were held in a large list, so they wouldn't disappear when the enemy object was respawned. The only problem with this was that it became difficult when I created more than just one type of bullet for enemies to shoot. Since all the enemies are spawned at the beginning of the level, and not respawned afterwards, this setup was no longer necessary. Anyway, that's fixed and I can really start designing the first level.

I'm considering storing the level files for the game in XML. It seems like a nice clean format for the game's levels, at least nicer than hard-coding the levels. Than again, when I hard code the levels I can create loops to add lines of enemies, so perhaps that is best.

I've been noticing that Bioshock has been getting alot of attention. I played the demo and it just wasn't my type of game, but the graphics are very good. Personally I'm most looking forward to Stranglehold and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam next week. What can I say? I'm a fan of both Bullet Time and Gundam[grin]
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