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actionrpg update

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updates are coming at an agonizingly slow pace. not alot worth mentioning, but here's something more than nothing:

now you can use one of your potions to recover health, and the darknut will drop a potion when he's been killed so you can restock your potions. you can die now too - nothing too serious, you just gotta click a button that pops up to come back to life. darknuts are spawned in random places now, so you can see the potion dropped from the last darknut at the same time as a newly spawned darknut.

the code doesn't actually support more than one instance of any of the different objects. i can't have more than one potion sitting on the screen at any given time because of that. obviously that's pretty high up on the priority list. i don't really have any big reason at the moment to have more than one of anything else yet, so i can put that off until it becomes necessity.

of the many things i could do, i'm not sure which i should do next. i suppose it should either be something about the darknut AI, or add other actions to the hero's functionality. what will the hero be able to do next?
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