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College Continues...

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Prinz Eugn


Whew, another random life update, although I do have a treat at the end. Here we go:

Class Warfare

I had most of my classes today and yesterday, although I not all of them.

History is going to be pretty easy, four tests a year(multiple choice and short answer), with extra credit.

English 311 is going to be probably the hardest class, we're already keeping a writing journal(one page every day, for two weeks on random things), and I they're out of one of the textbooks I need...

Astronomy... well, ok, here's what went down: the professora explained the standard syllabus stuff, and gave us a pre-quiz of about 10 short answer questions(like why is the sky blue, what is the closest star). She said that she didn't expect any of us to know any questions and that we would know the answers by the end of the year. We took it, and you know what I got? ...a one-hundred fucking percent.

I was unsure of some of the answers when I turned it in, but when I looked it up later, I was right alls the time. Soo... oh, man.

Two of my 1 credit-hour courses were canceled, and I meant with the Dean of the history department, and another professor, and got signed up for the World War 2 class. It should be interesting, it's going to be concentrating on the Pacific Theater 1931-45, which is something I'm still fuzzy on. I guess I'll just have to take it again to get in the whole war, oh noes.

I have intro to Psychology tomorrow evening, which I hopefully will be able to change to something other than Friday night.


I hung out with that girl again, yippee, and hopefully I'll quasi-ask her out tomorrow, err.. request. Something. If things don't go according to plan, I guess I'll just have to get really really good at Battlefield 2 again [sad]

My plan is to take her to a used book store(she likes books, don't worry) and let her pick out an assload of books on the cheap using my family's store credit, then go to a party that my parents are having at our new house, with Plan B actually going to dinner if she prefers(meeting parents is tricky, but mine are pretty good).

Shit, I'm nervous. aaarrrgghh...[dead]

Another freakin' Airplane

To distract you from the deeply emotionally engaging paragraph above, it's time for some artwork:

It's not done yet, but it's getting there slowly :/

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Good luck with that girl! If she gets bored make up some shit like you have color blindness or something.

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