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GCDC day 3 - meetings, meetings, meetings

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Emmanuel Deloget


And that's now time for a short explaination of my 3rd day at the GCDC. And it's going to shock you: I had little time to attend any talk, as it turned out to be a "omg I got tons of people to meet" day.

And all meetings were not equal - although all of them were interesting, as they offered me the opportunity to dwelve into the part of the industry that's quite obscure: the business part.

For example, I got a hour long meeting with Sophie Therrien of the Game Connection Lyon. The GC Lyon is a business-oriented event - something that does not sound extraordinary to you because you are more interested to game development. But once your game is done, what about selling it? And what about pitching your ideas to some publishers in order to get some funding? And guess what, this is the purpose of the Game Connection event: providing a place where developers and publishers can meet and make deals.

Later the same day, I met Matthias Rose, managing director of the GDBC. What's the GDBC? It's the Game Developer Business Center that was created a few weeks ago at Leipzig. The goal of this organisation is to help game developers who want to install their office in Leipzig - by providing them the needed infrastructure and contacts for a low fee, and help them to leverage the other difficulties as well. The GDBC is using the expertise of Maxicom - a company that have done just that for years and for many different industry - and is linked to the GC organisation - and since Leipzig GC has the possibility to become the biggest game related consumer and trade show. I will tell you more later about the GDBC.

I also got the possibility to set up a few interviews - kynogon's features explained, procedural city creation by gamr7 (yeah, that's "gamer's heaven") or explaination of the new IBM MMOG hosting strategy. These will be covered more in a form you'll like. I think.

And finally, I wandered a bit in the GC hall - looking for games that are going to be released. I played The Witcher a bit (and this is going to be a Really Good Game(TM)), got some wiimote fun with Rockstar's Table Tennis and met many other people around there.

All in all, a good, fast-paced day with a lot of interesting output. Watch out for the GCDC coverage report that should be out in a few days - I think you'll be pleased [smile].
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