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Surprisingly, I actually got a bit of work done last night between all the Bioshock and sleeping. I'm surprised too.

I'm starting to work up at least a mock interface for the space station stuff; pretty soon* you'll actually be able to buy/sell stuff. But what's more important is that you picky bastards will have screenshots again. And you might even have a functioning radar once I figure all that math out.

Mmm, pie.

Memo to electronics engineers: Your electricity is too fuzzy and analogue. It's 1 or 0. Pick a side: we're at war.

* When I finish Bioshock
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I will accept your space station interface and raise you a 3D radar... Mmmmm 3D radar. I'm socked to see you had the will power to pry yourself away from Bioshock (see what I did there? Yeah I'm pretty clevar).

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