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All We Hear Is Astrophysics Ga Ga

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I've been following the Brian May thing a bit over the past few years on his blog (which is a good read but doesn't have an RSS feed), and I just discovered that he got his doctorate in astrophysics accepted.

For the uninitiated, around 1971 Brian was a few months from getting his doctorate in astrophysics before quitting school to play in a dinky little British band. Now that he's got a little time to himself, Brian decided to finish up the degree so he finished up the classes, wrote the thesis, and got it accepted this week.

Eh, I just thought it was kinda cool. I recently bought his book, which is a really approachable and beautifully-illustrated introduction to cosmology that inexplicably isn't stocked anywhere in the US and has to be shipped from the UK.

I guess that's revenge for all the stuff that UK'ers have to get shipped from here :)

So the question must now be asked. Is there anyone else in the rock-n-roll pantheon who has a genuine (not honorary) doctorate?
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