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Make it self bootable?

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The 2d DOS graphical Pong! game is completed...for now, anyways. It is currently hosted at my domain:

Pong!.zip Download link

I have actually been thinking of porting this as a self booting Kernel. The ONLY thing it uses is the C runtime library...And only a few routines out of it as well. Because it is position independent, it's base address does not need to be 0x100 (as with DOS programs).

And... I can use the existing code from the OSDev series to do so [wink]

As long as I stay in real mode, Most of the existing code will still work, as it only relies on the BIOS and VGA IVT's.

The only complier dependent code is using so that I have access to assembly language-like routines. For example, Turbo C has:

C routine: Assembly language equivalent:

__cli__() cli
__sti__() sti
outportb(); out x, x
inportb() in x, x
_AX, _BX, _CX, _DX, etc.. processor registers
geninterrupt() int

I just don't know if I want to spend all of the time on a simple Pong game :/

It would certainly make this game different though--what do you think?

Source code will be available, of course.


I will be working on the next OSDev tutorial alot today...lets hope it turns out well!

PARTCOPY troubles?

For anyone who is following the series, but is having trouble using PARTCOPY on a machine with at least one real floppy drive, it seems that you can disable the real floppy drives, and PARTCOPY will work fine with VFD.

You can also use DOS DEBUG to write the bootsector instead...

debug mybootsector.bin
-w 0 0 0 1

This will require either a real floppy disk in drive 0, or a virtual floppy drive (VFD should work.)

More to come later, I got to go to work soon..Tech support sucks[sad]
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