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Mike Bossy


Been a bit busy lately with RL. My new job isn't panning out the way I had hoped. It's gotten to the point where I resigned this afternoon. Unfortunately anyone I could resign to works in our Mountain View office and not here in Seattle. They weren't jumping for joy at that news on the phone and insisted I didn't resign until at least Monday when they could fly down to talk to me in person. So I'll collect pay up until Monday I guess. Seriously though nothing could make me change my mind. Doubling my salary, doubling my equity. No affect on my decision. Ok a couple suitcases full of $20s might do something but those are hard to take on a plane. :)

Good news is I have plenty of job options after I'm done taking some time off. Funny that I worked at my first job out of school for 10+ years straight and I didn't even last 10 weeks at the second one.
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[wow] Must've been a great place to work!

Are you going to stick with the same line of work, or was it the whole web development thing that really didn't interest you?


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