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Music done

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Click here to download 'HungrySheep.zip' [zip](~4.6mb)

Phill the Hungry Sheep
Well I finally got the music in game and it sounds great thanks to Nathan Madsen. I have also started making it so the crabs no longer teleport to the other side of the screen when your chasing them - it doesnt work perfectly but'll do for now. All thats left to do is add a few sound effects here and there and polish the game a bit more then it will be done and ready.

Engine developments
I have started to revamp then engine abit ready for another project (mabey continue with the platformer one). Basically I have changed is the resource manager to be template based. Aside from that I have also changed the namespacing and class names to get rid of the 'C' before class names.

That is all.

Click here to download a NEW demo (.zip ~4.6mb)

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