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Danger, danger! High voltage!

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So I started planning out all of the various panels of Novarunner's space station interface, as well as finishing off Bioshock this morning. I told you guys I'd finish it off and then bust ass on code. [wink]

Right now all I have working is the main menu, but as my sketches become code we'll have some more screenshots.

On a closely related topic, writing all this damn user interface code is also really shit, so I've added some kind of XML-based resolution independent user interface layout as a plan for Afterglow's 2D layer. I don't know if XSLT or XUL is appropriate; jpetrie's XML-based GUI system is using kind of an "XSLT Lite" schema. I think I'll go that way too, and then write up some sort of GUI editor so I can bang out a GUI definition file and tie it to the strings in a controller.

Those of you who are fans of the gambling system in CSRPG2 can rest assured that the old "gamble on completely stupid things at insane odds" minigame has returned in Novarunner. Except now the odds are actually changing, and you can read flavour text about what you're betting on (ever wondered what a llama farming contest in Albany was all about?) Odds and betting topics, as with everything else in the game, are defined in an XML file, so enterprising modders can add their own gambling addictions to the game.

Membrane Massacre

I'm planning on getting back to porting MM; the first order of business is figuring out how to make the fmod binaries universal and upgrading the MM target to Xcode 2.4 so I can build the whole wad as a universal binary.

The second order of business is distributing for testing. Let me know if you've got a Mac (PowerPC or Intel), what version of the OS, and what kind of hardware you're running, and I'll arrange for the test version to make its way to you.

A Linux version is also (presumably) on the way; if you can port an Allegro app to Linux, feel free to let HopeDagger know so he can give you the source to port. I'd do it myself but I haven't been in Linux in months. Making cross platform code is the only way to overthrow the cruel yoke of our Windows masters and allow the streets to finally run red with rivers of their blood! Come to me, my brothers!

Space Giraffe

I also understand that very few of the people posting on my journal have even downloaded the Space Giraffe demo, let alone posted on the leaderboard. If you've played it, and posted on the leaderboard, give me your damn Xbox Live tags so I can add you to my friends list and stomp your score into the ground.

If you don't have a 360, buy one. They just cut prices on them and added an HDMI port.

Here is a screenshot of the current space station main menu. I'm working right now on having the image background load from the space station's descriptor file, so not much to look at yet.
I've had Beyond The Sea stuck in my head for at least the entire week. Please send me a power drill.
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We all live in a yellow submarine.
A yellow submarine.
A yellow submarine.
We all live in a yellow submarine.
A yellow submarine.
A yellow submarine.

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Re: Membrane Massacre for Mac; I've got a MacBook Pro, and I'd be happy to test the Intel version. My brother has a PowerBook, so I can ask him to test for PPC (hopefully he'll be happy to try the game to see if it runs).

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John: I will have my revenge.

TZ: I've got a Macbook Pro myself, so most of your testing will probably be limited to making sure the software is redistributable properly (i.e. it doesn't depend on externally provided libraries).

Although I test the game under Rosetta, having an actual PowerPC machine available to check it would be invaluable.

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Fantastic. I wonder if I should really start up some sort of "ravuya-testing" mailing list for you guys to get access to betas and the like.

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