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Up the Ante Attempt #1

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Mike Bossy


So the reason why I'm quitting my new job is that I have no faith in the management team to do anything. None of them have any experience in software or web development. Just a bunch of business people with funding looking to get in on the Web 2.0 craze. I should have done more due diligence on them before signing up but a friend of mine was working there and totally sold me on the place. Once I got in I saw how totally out of control the development process was and that the business side of things was potentially worse. I've been on enough projects that have blown up to see the tell tale signs. I'm at the point in my career that I don't need to get an ulcer working in a messed up environment. I can find lots of other options.

So today I got a call at home from one of the VPs who tried to give me an updated sales pitch. He offered me more say in the company and a $10k salary bump. I just said I'd take that into consideration when I'm doing my thinking this weekend. Really it doesn't change a thing. $10k is nothing to sneeze at but still not a suitcase full of $20s.

The weird thing was that I answered the phone and the person asked for my wife. She was busy at the time so I asked if I could take a message, then he just goes "Hey John, it's how's it going?" How f'd up is that? No one from the executive office has ever met my wife before. It's like they were going to try to pitch the job to her to get her to pitch it to me. Just a little bit of extra slime added onto things in my books. Now the price is up to three suitcases full of $20s.

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Shameless plug: Surreal is hiring, and on the right side of the bridge (and, if I forward your resume, I get a hiring bonus )! [wink]

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