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Quadroids: Day 2

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Well, this is the second day I have spent working on Quadroids. I now have the asteroids implemented, and the game is playable to a certain extent. You can move the ship around, shoot asteroids, and those asteroids will break apart into smaller asteroids.

For the collisions I use a basic distance calculation between the bullet and the center of the asteroid. If the bullet is within that distance, then I do a point-in-polygon collision test. Pretty simple stuff.

The asteroid shapes are randomly generated at the beginning of the level. There are 20 different shapes for each game, and they are randomly selected for each asteroid.

It would probably take me another day or so to finish a single player asteroids clone. I will likely do that, and then move towards implementing the multiplayer modes. Players will be able to start a game as a server, supply an ip address to connect to as a client, or have a game matched for them.

I have uploaded my current progress. It requires Windows to run. Go ahead and try it out and let me know if there are any issues at this point.

Download Link: Quadroids 0.1


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Just tried it on Vista (32-bit) and it works fine. Only thing that looked a bit weird was the positioning of the smaller asteroids that appear when you destroy a larger one, they seem to jump position slightly and is a big contrast to their otherwise smooth movement around the scren.

Nice demo though, gots lots of potential :-)

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The smaller asteroids that are split from the larger ones have their position set as one of the vertices of the larger asteroid. I suppose I could scale those down so the smaller asteroids appear closer to the center of the larger asteroid.

I'm also going to add a particle effect when asteroids are destroyed. It will look like debris.

Those two things might reduce the effect that you pointed out.

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I agree that would likely help a lot and the debris would be a nice addition, look forward to seeing how you progress :-)

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