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Final Fantasy V clear!



awrite! everyone's job level is mastered and i beat Omega. i was running low on battery and i was at the gf's parents' place, so i couldn't screw around too much - so i had to skip over Shinryuu. he whooped me twice and i gave up and took out Exdeath/X-Death/Exodus. i think to myself that the final battle would have been easiest with !Bladeblitz but !Rapidfire did the job for me. maybe two and two? [edit: there's only 4 targets, and !bladeblitz doesn't hit every target every time, like !rapidfire does] anyways, i didn't do the bonus cave yet.

i'm gonna talk about that for a moment. what's up with bonus caves, anyways? they've been putting them in since they started revamping the older final fantasy games. why do i need a reward for beating the game? i'm going to do that anyways. how about instead, when i'm near the end of the game, you open it up? when i get to the inner sections of the core of the moon in ff4, open it up and let me go outside! after you let me into the void in ff5, open it up! after i beat the game i don't want to go to a harder section of the game, beating it is supposed to end it! if its something like diablo, that's different - you can't really "beat" that one, its never-ending. the only "extra dungeon" i've gone through and beaten were the shrines in ff1 - and for the exact reason i describe above: they weren't a beat-the-game bonus. they did it wonderfully with ff1, and it was even encouraged to go through the new dungeons repeatedly. anyways..

i gotta stop it with the brain-dumps, and start actually planning out what i'm going to drop in here. but that seems like work! bleh..


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