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Well it's been quite a while since I posted on this thing and since I pay for the service I figure I might as well use it a bit.

So where to start? I'm beginning my last year in college working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Physics focusing on Electronics. All I have left are electives really, and in true last year spirit I took what seemed to be the easiest load I could manage without having to resort to some liberal arts type stuff.

So, with that in mind, I proceeded to sign up for Golf, Intro to Java Programming, Elementary Statistics, a microcontroller class where we get to play with a BASIC Stamp, a CSCI undergraduate research project, and Ethics for CSCI. Of these 6 classes the 2 that I really wanted are microcontrollers and the research. They may be fun, but the other is just filler. Taking easy classes, i'm finding, is not all it's cracked up to be either. Several of the classes are freshman level classes and operate at a snail's pace which drives me insane.

Next semester I'll have 7 hours in my way before I get my degree, and then, if all goes to plan, I'm packing up and moving to Nashville, TN (from Augusta, Ga for those unaware).

In game playing news, BioShock looks crazy awesome and from the 360 demo I played I can't wait to play the full version (only 360 version though, I want nothing to do with the SecuROM shit on the PC).

In game making news there's not much to report. Me and my friend are going to hopefully be doing some XNA related awesomeness in the near future when we both have sufficient time. I used to seriously consider games as a career path, but my goals have shifted in the last few years. I still want to be in the entertainment industry, but I'd rather work with hardware and software together and am setting my sights on entertainment robotics (ideally something like special effects shops or Disney Imagineering).

In the meantime, before trekking out to Hollywood on a whim, I'm hoping to amass some money after moving to Nashville that will give me a good jumping off point for what I truly want to do with my professional life. Games will likely still be in my life but only as a hobby.
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