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The Shower - A Place to Think

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Everyone seems to have their spot for clearing their mind and thinking of ideas - whether it is locking themselves into a room with no noise and a computer in front of them or sometimes lying back on their bed and letting their mind wander. For me, my place of zen seems to be in the shower. It is how I get myself started for the day.

I've found that, particularly lately, it is hard for me to just relax and let my mind wander. The shower seems to be a place that forces me to do so. Standing under the warm, massaging, cascading water just puts me at ease. It seems like at least everyday my mind starts to wander and ideas just start to pour out.

Just a couple of days ago I started thinking about a couple of old ideas and they just kind of fell into place as the building blocks of a new, more cohesive game concept.

How do you guys reach your own places of "zen" to think?
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Mine is the shower as well. I often stand there for a long time thinking or meditating before washing. I usually takes me 20 mins to shower, 2 of those are spent washing up. Sometimes I take more than one shower a day, it helps clear my mind and think better. My girlfriend doesnt complain about this :) Other minor ones are:

Asleep. If there is a difficult concept to learn or figure it helps me to spend a long time focusing on it, doing nothing else. Then I go to sleep. I then have related or unrelated vivid dreams. I then wake up with a better understanding and am able to easily penetrate other similar and difficult concepts.

Walking. Moving a way from the place where your frustrations have been concentrated is beneficial. It helps to sort of clear the mind and get a refreshed perspective.

Public Place. The internet is a distracting thing. A place like a park or a cafe with no internet, with people going about their business as background has a soothing effect. It allows one to stay productive for longer.

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I find I get some good ideas and relaxation when I'm doing anything repetitive. The most enjoyable for me, by far, are just shooting hoops and playing ping pong. I don't why my mind wanders in those two places, but for some reason it does. And for some reason I'm under the impression it improves my "game" as well. :D

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Shower as well for me. 90% of the time my mind wanders to the problems at work and for some reason in the shower I have the ability to distance myself and think logically about problems from an outsider's perspective. I've solved about 4 major problems in the last two months from shower time.

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