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4 new character models + 2 new guns

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Yay, more new artwork. These are using my own shaders, I'll post the preview images I received from my art studio down below.
These are the newer versions of the models. Some things have been modified from the older screens.


Comparison between old artwork and new artwork.
The remarkable thing is my artstudios ability to emulate the old model, and just make a 'next-gen' version of it, which is exactly what I asked them to do.
Sort of an homage to Asorson's artwork, all his player models are being next-gen-ified.

This guy just looks fucking badass.

Another Italian gangster...

Yet another Italian it just me or does he look exactly like john mark karr in one of those screenshots.
The perspective distortion makes it look like he has a big head heheh.

AK-47....from my weapons artist. It'll be great aiming through the iron sights in-game with a depth of field effect.

Baseball bat...probably the most complex weapon on my list, amazing polywork lol.

Here are the older character renders straight from the art studio...I de-goldified the chain, and lightened the latino gangster's skin, also hand edited some of the normal maps.

- Danny
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Thanks buddy. I'll keep paying artists to do work [grin]

I wish I could model / draw like these guys.

I'm forever cursed with programmers art when it comes to people/vehicles :-/

It's like a fulltime job inspecting, and managing all the incoming re-writing a lot of stuff for in-game integration *cough* skinned meshes *un-cough* I'm probably going to write my own format. Argh.

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Seems my character normal maps are messed up/inverted somewhat in these screenshots, I'll get them fixed ASAP and post new screens :-D

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Thanks buddy. I'll keep paying artists to do work

Well, I could have said your art studio isn't worth a damn and all of that art is super-craptastic... But, I figured I'd praise them. Your dollars are well spent.

I wish I could model / draw like these guys.

I think you can spare the art knowledge. You seem to be excelling at enough. Not to mention, if you did all of your art, the game would never come out because you'd drive yourself nuts trying to find time to perfect everything. ;p

But, I've got to say, it would be pretty bad ass to be a Game Development Savant... ~.~

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This shit is not fair man. The game is coming along, and every time I check this guy's journal I see amazing screenshots and feel like shit myself for working on casual 2d games :) . I still can't believe he's making the whole game by himself. what's next after Urban Empires ? a MMORPG ?

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Next is wargame. That's all I'm going to say lol.

Dave - Yea it would be cool but how would you get laid if you're inside making games all day lol. It's all about that balance. I think they're called weekends ::devil horns::.

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Hi Danny, I was wondering what's happening with the game design and balancing? It would require a huge amount of work to get just 3 gangs to play differently and stay balanced.

Does the player need different strategy with all the gun types, or does it end up playing like the whole game is a single type of weapon, where strategy is pretty much just to outnumber the other guy? Sorry don't mean to sound cynical but I haven't seen you talk about your game design and play testing experience.

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Yea I've been too busy working on upgrading the engine, and integrating new artowrk...all the stuff on gameplay was back in 2005. I really don't have time to type it all out...the gameplay polishing will come up in a few months.

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