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Pictures, etc

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Well I haven't really done all that much to Phill the Hungry Sheep so I don't have alot to write on the subject, actually I have nothing to write on it.

The engine is coming along fine, for now its called Nabla. The main reason for the re-write was to update the resource manager, which nows looks like:

.filename resource_manager.h
.author stefan j lulham



#include "prerequests.h"

using namespace std;

namespace Nabla
namespace Manager
namespace Resource
template <class ResourceType> class ResourceManager
static map resourcePool;

static void LoadResource(string name, ResourceType* resource);
static void UnloadResource(string name);
static ResourceType* GetResource(string name);

template<class ResourceType> mapResourceManager::resourcePool;

template<class ResourceType> void ResourceManager::LoadResource(string name, ResourceType* resource)
ResourceManager::resourcePool.insert(pair(name, resource));

template<class ResourceType> void ResourceManager::UnloadResource(string name)
ResourceType* resource = ResourceManager::GetResource(name);
delete resource;

template<class ResourceType> ResourceType* ResourceManager::GetResource(string name)
map::iterator i;
i = ResourceManager::resourcePool.find(name);

if (i != ResourceManager::resourcePool.end())
return i->second;

return NULL;


Apart from that I have been drawing like a jack who's about to be hacked but isn't really. Heres a few pages taken with a dodgy webcam:

General doodle page.

My legs crossed

A flannel, twisted

An while I had my camera pluged in I thought I would take a picture of my book collection:

Thats all for now.
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