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more money == new compy

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so i'm working thursday afternoons for an extra $300/mo to put towards a new computer. i hit up thewebbeach.com and threw together:

Intel or AMD 2.8ghz, 160GB HDD, 512MB Memory, DVD+-RW $369.99
2746 Easy TV MPEG (Watch & Record TV on your PC) Super Digital Video Capture Card $38.99
2889 LG 17" LCD Monitor, 8ms, 700:1, Black, 3Yr Swap Warranty, Model : L1718S $194.99
2880 Encore Wireless G 54MBPS PCI Adapter $29.99
Grand Total: $633.96

two months and i can get a "decent" rig with some useful appendages. i'm not aiming for a high-perf gaming machine - hell i'm using a barely-upgraded acer aspire and i'm not complaining about performance:

amd athon64 3500+ 2.20ghz, 2048mb ram, etc etc
geforce6200LE 617mb (?!)
no vid cap card
no wireless ethernet card
17" lcd mon

so yeah. the office will soon be my haven ^_^

after the compy i'll be able to start saving for other stuff too. who knows what sorta hijinks i'll get in with an extra $300/mo! [grin]
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