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Pop music is not a crime

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Anyway, so today I dedicated to fixing several small niggling issues in Novarunner that I had held off until later because they annoyed the hell out of me to fix.

This means that I've killed off the following bugs (at least):
  • Console hooked up
  • Can no longer click through the star map's UI elements to hit the star map behind the buttons
  • Dockable ships' serialization is now complete for the time being
  • Various radar glitches (these were all taken care of with the new '2.5D' radar implemented last night)
Bug fixing isn't glamorous, but it needs to be done. I hope you guys understand that.

What will come tomorrow? Probably not much other than bug fixes, if anything. I'll get back to working on the bar on Thursday. I mean the game bar, not the literal bar. Though I might work on that one too.

Today's Video

The new BoingBoing site brings us two assholes dressed up like Tetris pieces kicking each others' asses. And it's not staged, apparently.

Today's Disappointing News

In case you weren't following it earlier, Stick Soldiers III has officially been canned. There's simply no way we could've completed it with the original plan and the current code. We will probably try again in the future with something else.

Chunks of the code will find their way into Propane Injector, of course, and I encourage you all to read the postmortem of it.

Speaking of, in less than a month from now I'll be pushing out the Glow postmortem. I hope you read it!
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